The Giving Plate

There is nothing I enjoy more than making food for others.  Whether it's a meal, snacks or sweets, it thrills my heart to give!  My favorite thing to do is Now what I call "The Giving Plate".  I make something sweet - it must contain chocolate! LOL!  I wrap it up and put a little note that says: "This Giving Plate is for you to use for this Autumn Season.  Next year, please send this plate onto someone else with goodies nestled within it! When you send it on, make sure a note is sent with it to instruct them for the following year"!  This is the Season for Giving.  One thing I have learned - it truly is so much better to give than to receive! You can use this idea for any Season.  Make it a tradition with your family! Don't limit yourself to just Autumn!

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